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Hoxie Public Schools

Hoxie, Arkansas · Home of the Mustangs

Hoxie High School info

April Students of the Month

Sisco Signs with Crowley's Ridge Academy

 Tristan Sisco a senior at Hoxie High School signs with CRC 04/15/2015

Parents:  William and Taunya Sisco of Beech Grove, AR. Nephew: Cope Sisco Coach Chris Perkins of CRC Coach Parker of CRC and Coach Larry Forrester, Head Basketball coach at Hoxie  High School. Other family members on hand for signing included:  Taun Smith (grandmother), Beau and Emily Sisco (brother and sister in law). Tristan was chosen to play in North Arkansas All Star Game and in the Sun Senior Classic. Tristan is an two time 3A-3 All conference, All State, All Three Rivers team

2015 Prom King and Queen

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Crown Trophy Student Athletes of the Month

and Academic Student of the Month

March 2015






RULE # 18:  Student Dress and Grooming


A student will not practice a mode of dress, style of hair, or standard of personal grooming extreme to the point of creating a disturbance of the educational atmosphere.  Students who refuse to abide by reasonable guidelines and conform to the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the administrator.  Extreme dress code violations will be sent home.  (Miniskirts fall in that category.)


The matter of personal grooming and attire, cleanliness, and safety fall within the public charge since the conduct pattern of any particular group reflects the inner maturity, training, ideals and, to some extent, the goals of the individuals involved.  Grooming and attire of themselves would be of small consequence otherwise.


The following items of appearance and wearing apparel will not be permitted:

  1. Articles of clothing with spikes, chains, spiked jewelry, etc.

  2. Bare feet, house shoes, pajamas and blankets
  3. Bare midriff/side and back (This will be checked by student standing in a normal standing position with hands and arms held to the side.)
  4. Unbuttoned shirts, low-cut blouses, and no cleavage etc.
  5. No Sleeveless shirts, spaghetti straps and halter tops.
  6. Transparent/see through apparel, fishnet
  7. No head covering of any type is to be worn in the school buildings while school is in session. This includes but is not limited to hoods, bandanas and hats. Hats are not allowed in classrooms.
  8. Miniskirts, short shorts, leggings or jeggings; indecent dress
  9. Clothes that display:  1) Profanity, 2) Suggestive language, 3) Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco advertisements


  1. Shorts will be permitted with the following guidelines:

1)       Shorts must be no more than 6 inches from the top or the knee cap. No part of the shorts can be more than 6 inches from the top of the knee.

2)       Bike shorts, leggings, and capri leggings can be worn but must be covered by legal length shorts or skirts.


  1. Pants cannot have holes more than 6 inches from the top of the knee cap. 
  2. Pants must be worn above the hips (no sagging). 

Students who violate the dress code must change or spend the day in ISS


Student of the Month





Student Athletes of the Month





The plaques are sponsored by Crown Trophy

Latest News

Click on the attachment below to see the list of students who scored proficient or advanced on testing last year.  Students who have a 1 beside their name will not have to attend school on Tuesday, November 25th.  Those who have a 2, 3, 4 or higher beside their names do not have to attend

Hoxie High School

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